100% Cashback Paytm Promo Code Today On Gold / Free gold

 Paytm Promo Code Today -

Earn 100% cashback on gold by Paytm Promo Code Today,yes guys if you want to purchase gold
in earlier days then you should purchase on Paytm through this offer.The Paytm Promo Code Today 
on gold is FREEGOLD11.

Hello reader ,if you are fond of gold and want to buy any gold then you can take advantage on Paytm. 
Purchase gold and pay bill on Paytm by using Paytm Promo Code Today and get 100% cashback.If
you want to know complete detail of Paytm Promo Code Today on gold then read this article properly.
Don't be ignore this.Read More......

Paytm Promo Code Today

How use Paytm Promo Code Today on gold 

  1. Open Paytm and scroll down.
  2. Click on 11 pe 11 gold offer  
  3. Now click on buy now.
  4. Enter amonut of Rs.11.
  5. Again click on buy.
  6. Now fill your biling details, name and postal code.
  7. Now click on Update.
  8. You can buy in grams and Rupees in also.Please enter rupees or grams what which you like.According me fill amount.If you want to 100% free gold then enter amonut of Rs.11.
  9. Now click on Proceed.
  10. There are two options for you 
  • Have a promocode
  • Proceed to pay Rs.11
11.You click on first option Have a promocode.
12.See promo code FREEGOLD11 and click on apply. 
13.Now click on done.
14.Now your purchasing of gold is applied.click opn proceed to back.
15.Now complete your payment.
16.Here if you have any amount in your paytm wallet then tick on paytm and if you have no amount in your paytm wallet then click on uncheck the paytm option.here you can pay your payment by another method.
17.If you have amount in paytm wallet tick on paytm and simply click on pay now.
18.Now your process of purchasing gold is complete.You can check it in order summery.

Check your cashback

You can check your cashback in your paytm wallet.If your cashback is not credited in your paytm wallet then it will credited after some time.In this way you can purchase free gold.

Some terms & conditions of this offer

This offer is applicable for only first purchase of gold.
The amount  for this offer is 11 rupees.
The best thing of this offer is that you can sell your free gold on paytm.
The offer is limited.

Final Words

I hope this information about 100% Cashback Paytm Promo Code Today on gold is very useful for you.If you are regular and trustful user of Paytm then don't be shy to use this offer.Go quick and get free gold by Paytm.The Paytm Promo Code Today is limited,so don't miss the chance to earn free gold by Paytm.If you any doubt about above information ,please copmment,I will be absolutely try to solve it.

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