Super Paytm Offers Today For Gaandu Guys

Paytm Offers Today- Hi guys,if you don't know about latest super Paytm Offers Today for gaandu guys and you are searching about best Paytm Offers Today for earn money /cashback then you are here at right place.I can absolutely say that you can earn Rs.1000 within 10 days.

Yes friends,you can earn Rs.1000 within 10 days by simple Paytm Offers Today of this month.
So if you want to khow how you can earn then read properly article Super Paytm Offers Today For Gaandu Guys  .
Paytm Offers Today

The name of Paytm Offers Today is 10 pe 10 UPI offer-earn upto Rs.1000.First of all I am very sorry friends for using gaandu word in this post, but it is a reason behind it.In fact this offer for students /freelancers and I can say it is a trick/game to earn this money .You should play a trick with your Paytm account.Please follow steps to get this cashback which are given  below.

How use Super Paytm Offers Today For Gaandu Guys/students/freelancers

  1. Open Paytm .
  2. Go to upper right corner of the Paytm home page and click on Cashback .
  3. Now click on new offers.
  4. Here all the offers of cashback of this month are available.
  5. First offer written as 10 pe 10 UPI offer-earn upto Rs.1000.I am talking about this offer.
  6. First of all you should activate your offer.

Before activate your offer please note this.

If you not set your UPI PIN and not link your bank account to Paytm then follow given steps.
  • Click on UPI .
  • Select your bank .
  • Here one thing to remember is that mobile number will be same .The registered mobile number in bank account and in your mobile will be same which you are using at this time.
  • If your number is not same then yor bank account will not link with Paytm because the confirmation message from Paytm to your bank by your Paytm number not confirm.
  • If your number is same then your bank account will be link automatically.
  • Now create your UPI Address and click on submit.
  • Now your bank account linked successfully.
  • Now new page will be open and click on Set UPI Pin at right sight.
  • If you are setting UPI Pin of Paytm Payment bank then you can Set UPI Pin by passcode and you can set any 4 digit strong UPI Pin by your choice.
  • And if you are setting UPI Pin of other bank then you can set your Upi Pin by debit card.Fill your debit card details and set UPI Pin easily.

Three main requirements for this offer

  1. You should have a bank account in any bank.It called be secondary account.
  2. You should have link Paytm payment bank.
  3. You should have Paytm wallet.

How use this offer

You should have minimum Rs.250 in your bank account (secondary bank).First of all transfer Rs.250 in Paytm Payment Bank. Now activate your offer.When you activate once your offer then it will be go into my offers.Select Paytm Payment bank as sending money and other bank account as receiving money.Now you create 10 transactions of Rs.25 from Paytm payment bank to your secondary bank account.

When you completed your 10 transactions of the day then cashback of Rs.10 will be added to your Paytm wallet.The real funda of this offer is that you must transfer Rs.250 in your Paytm payment bank daily and again transfer Rs.250 in 10 transactions of Rs.25. You can do this continuosly within a month and you can get Rs.10 as a cashback in paytm wallet daily.If you do 100 transactions in a month,therefore you can get total Rs.1000 as a cashback in a one month till to the end of the offer. 

You can transfer this cashback in your bank account after complete your KYC.
You can use this cashback for online shopping.

Other Terms & Conditions of this offer

This offer expires on 30 September, 2018.
You can do this transactions to the same UPI address like @paytm.If you do any transaction with another UPI address then you will not get any cashback.
  1. Conclusion:

 So friends, this is a very useful and helpful trick of Paytm Offers Today . If you are Paytm user then I hope this trick will be very useful for you,If you have any doubt about above trick ,please comment and I absolutely try to help you.If you liked article Super Paytm Offers Today For Gaandu Guys helpful please share with your friends ,relatives and also social sites.

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